Solar Power System Design

We area   Solar Vendor as well as  Solar Photovoltaic Contractor. We have the capacity to install and maintain up to the tier three solar power systems which can be tied to the national grid. (See ERC licenses attached) We have therefore developed capacity to install green energy solutions incorporating Solar
and Wind Energy.

We offer solar power system design, consultancy plus supply and installation that includes

sizing, equipment requirements including balance of systems. We would also offer
our quotation for various equipment options and configurations to meet
your budget or do the project on a turnkey basis.

Building Energy Modelling and Simulation

We use of proprietary software, to predict the energy use of an installation.
We then recommend renewable energy options to reduce utility
Energy usage if requested along with analysis to provide the total cost of ownership (TCO)

Building Integrated Photo Voltaic (BIPV) Design

We offer BIPV design that integrates into building designs for roof, wall,
Skylights, sunshades, facades etc. With the power output used to reduce the
utility energy consumption rendering the building green.

We also offer Consultancy for zero energy building design through our affiliates.

Solar Water Heating System Design

We offer solar water heating system design and installations for both residential and
commercial applications for new, upgrade and retrofit solutions.

Other services we offer are:

  •  Radio Communication.
  • Powerline Construction
  •  Security Monitoring and Control Installations.

The Services Offered by the Firm in all the above categories include: –

• Taking Client’s Briefs
• Site Surveys & Investigation/Inspection Surveys
• Feasibility/Preliminary Studies and Reports
• Design Scheme implementation Planning
• Budgetary Cost Estimates
• Detailed Project implementation through actual construction.
• Contract Management/Administration and Cost Control
• Site Supervision
• Quality Control of Material/Workmanship
• Preparation of Progress Reports
• Preparation of Interim Valuations
• Installation, Testing & Commissioning of the said Systems
• Provision of Installed Plants’ User/Operation Manuals and Records/”As-Built”
• Preparation of Completion Certificate-KPLC